Why Use Concrete for Your Retaining Wall/Patio?

You’ve got a couple of various options when you want to build a new patio for your home. Usually, homeowners have to choose between these options. The most popular ones are concrete, paver tiles, and wood.??Today, we are going to talk about why you should choose concrete for your patio and your?retaining walls Lincoln.? 

Concrete vs. Paver Tiles? 

While almost every paver tile is made from concrete, there are a couple of key differences. You’ve got to dig out the ground in the area where you want to install the patio and level it before you can install the pavers.?? 

But you can’t dig down deep when leveling the ground for paver tiles. By doing this, you’ll require a couple of layers of paver tiles if you want the patio to extend above the ground a couple of inches. You’ve got to be extremely cautious that all paver tiles are level with each other during installation. Else, you can end up with spots where water pools.?? 

Then, you’ve got to fill the joint gaps between the pavers. A couple of individuals utilize mortar to secure them in place. Some use sand. You can also utilize ground-up cement.?? 

There can still be issues with grass, weeds, and much more even if you get rid of the gaps. Exposure to rain can gradually erode way the joint filler if the patio isn’t covered.?? 

Over time, tiles can sink into the ground. With this, you will end up having an uneven patio in the future.?? 

Concrete does not require a lot of work compared to tiles. Aside from that, they’re much easy to install. They also do not require a lot of maintenance and will last for a longer period compared to tiles.?? 

Concrete vs. Wood? 

You need to elevate it off the ground if you use wood. This is needed whether you’re building an elevated deck or a square patio. Wood will start to deteriorate and rot a lot faster if it is directly placed on the ground.?? 

Having to paint or stain the wood to protect it from the elements is another drawback. You’ve got to do this process every year. If the paint or stain wears off, you might even have to do it a couple of times every year. Almost every individual doesn’t consider the extra cost of maintaining a wooden patio.?? 

Almost every wood decks and patio have to be replaced around 8 years. Meanwhile, concrete provides an extremely sturdy surface. A concrete patio that is well-maintained can last for more than 20 years.?? 

There are a lot of various styles that you can choose from. This ranges from a beach and tropical look to a modern finished look. Concrete needs extremely little maintenance one cured completely. You can simply use a garden use to hose your patio off. However, to achieve a durable and beautiful concrete patio, you need to hire a professional?concrete?contractor to install it for you. It is not a DIY job.?? 

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