Tips to Maintain a Safe and Hydrated Skin Throughout the Winter Season

While the day becomes, even more, colder, outdoor activities will eventually get more enticing to do. This is the perfect time to go out and do winter sports and snowy adventures. Also, there are so many things you can do during this time—regardless of you like sledding with the children, enjoy a ski experience outside, sledding with your children, or snowshoeing with friends. While you may be overwhelmed with the thrill and excitement, you should never forget to remember and apply such vital steps according to the certified Frisco dermatology experts to keep your skin safe and hydrated throughout the winter season. 

Stay hydrated 

Just because you are not sweating and it is not hot outdoors, doesn’t mean that you can reduce your water intake. A hydrated body can help your skin to be kept hydrated as well. Also, if you think that soaking in a hot bath may feel would help you keep a moisturized skin, then you’re wrong. A hot and long soak will only strip your skin’s natural oils. As a result, it will only make your skin dry. Yes, you may take that hot shower, but make sure to use a good moisturizer all over your body after.   

Take Care of Your Lips 

Once the cold air will hit your lips for several hours throughout the day, you’ll eventually suffer from the consequences due to that. Usually, it can lead to having cracked and chapped lips, which hurt for sure. For that, it’s best to apply lip protection on your lips and regularly reapplies it before you try to start skiing. Make sure that it owns hydrating ingredients, such as jojoba oils, natural coconut oils, shea butter, beeswax, and vitamin E. For a bonus, you can consider having lip balms with SPF in them as your lips can be sunburned as well. 

Apply Sunscreen 

During the winter season, it’s still recommended that you apply sunscreen. Remember that windburn is considered as sunburn as well. A sunscreen with SPF 30 board-spectrum should be enough to secure your skin from UV rays. If you usually sweat, make sure to reapply after every few hours.  

Cover Up 

Though this may be quite silly, apart from the apparent reason to stay relaxed, there are 2 more major reasons why you should cover up in the cold. First of all, just because you cannot see much of the sun doesn’t mean that it isn’t present. Hence, it’s important to layer up so that you can prevent the dangerous UV rays from the sun. To effectively do that, use a cover that has wicking fabric. The last thing you want to do is to let a sweaty fabric rub against your skin throughout the day. You’ll need to prevent getting irritation from scratchy fabrics, particularly when you’re suffering from psoriasis or eczema. Moreover, inspect to ensure that you’re covered from head to toe. Nobody would want to experience frostbite after a long, fun day. 

Negative Impacts of Improper Waste Disposal

All homes deal with junk and waste on a day-to-day basis. A lot of these houses use waste removal services, local recycling centers, and skip bins to get rid of their waste. proper removal of junk and waste is important, from commercial business waste to local household junk.  

But, there are still people who choose to get rid of their waste themselves. This is where the issue starts. This is particularly true when it includes toxic wastes.  

Today, we are going to talk about what will happen if you don’t follow the proper junk removal Beaverton process.  

Effects on Marine Life and Animals 

This is extremely vital. The carelessness of people with their garbage and junk does not simply affect us. It also affects animals. These creatures suffer the impacts of pollution caused by junk and wastes that are improperly disposed of. Cigarette butts and Styrofoam have been known to cause deaths in marine animals who eat them. Aside from that, animals who eat grasses near dirty landfills or contaminated places are at risk of poising since toxins are seeping into the soil. 

Negative Impact on Our Health 

Our health is greatly affected by improper disposal. This is particularly true for ones living near the polluted landfills and areas. Employees in these facilities, such as waste disposal workers, are at a higher risk. Exposure to improperly handled garbage can cause reproductive problems, growth issues, respiratory issues, blood infections, and skin irritations.  

Water Contamination 

Toxic wastes in the environment can slowly seep into the ground. Eventually, these toxic wastes will reach the groundwater. For those who don’t know, we are using this water for a lot of things, from drinking to watering local fields. Hazardous liquid chemicals from waste can also leak into bodies of water and water streams that can suffocate and destroy marine life and threaten marine animals. Aside from that, dirty water is harmful and dangerous to humans who eat marine life, such as seashells and fishes.  

Air Contamination 

You have to properly get rid of the waste that contains hazardous chemicals. This includes acids and bleach. Aside from that, you have to place them first in approved containers with the right labels.  

A couple of plastics and papers are burned in landfills. This releases chemicals and gas that damage our ozone layer. Also, waste that emits dioxins are hazardous and present a health threat when they diffuse into the air that people breathe. You should also think about methane gases that are emitted from decomposing wastes. 

Lastly, decomposing wastes can generate landfill gas. This can be deadly and can harm communities nearby.  

Soil Contamination 

The main issue caused by improper waste disposal and removal is soil contamination. A couple of wastes that are thrown in landfills releases dangerous chemicals that leak into the soil. For instance, plastic bottles release DEHA when they break down. This is a carcinogen that causes weight loss and liver dysfunction and can affect our reproductive system. Aside from affecting the growth of plants, it also affects animals and humans.